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Hub Credits are the digital currency earned by Hubopolis Affiliates, CashBack Members, Fundraisers and Business Partners. They can be exchanged for gift cards, cash payouts, or used as payment at participating businesses, like yours.

By accepting HubCredits as payment your business will be promoted to all active members of Hubopolis through the Hubopolis Marketplace.

Supporting Local Businesses

The HubCredit Rewards Program is a win-win for all Hubopolis members.

The Hubopolis Marketplace is a great way to promote your business. Affiliate, CashBack, Fundraising and Business Members will be exposed to all of our rewards partners so they can see the wonderful opportunities on offer, including yours.

Hubopolis makes it easy for members to find your business and pay you with HubCredits, with no minimum balance, no transaction fees, and no wait.

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How Does it Work?

1. Create Your Profile

Once you sign up and complete your profile page your business will be listed in the Hubopolis Marketplace.

All active members will then be able to discover your business and learn more about what you offer.

2. Accept HubCredits

Prepare your business to accept HubCredits as payment for your goods or services.

Display your Hubopolis QR code for customers to scan and ensure your employees understand how to process payment.

3. Payouts

HubCredits are instantly deposited into your Hubopolis Account (less the Hubopolis Fee) with all transactions visible on your dashboard.

Use your HubCredits as payment at other participating businesses, or request a cash payout.

4. Your Costs

Signing Up: Free

Hubopolis Fee: 5% of HubCredit Payment.

CashBack Rewards: 5% of HubCredit Payment is credited back to the customer's Hubopolis Account.

Become a Rewards Partner today and let Hubopolis share your business with the world!

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