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Being an Affiliate Fundraising Earning CashBack

Whether you're helping a friend discover their next bucket list item, fundraising for a great cause, or simply looking for your next great adventure, becoming a Hubopolis affiliate is a perfect place to start.

The Hubopolis Marketplace offers you the chance to earn rewards while promoting (or purchasing) great adventures and experiences, and then converts those rewards to cash, gift cards, or great products from our other reawards partners.

Publisher, Affiliate, Blogger, Marketer?

This is the Ultimate Side Hustle

Leverage your existing networks and communities to earn rewards by promoting great adventures and experiences. Earn a commission on every sale made using your personal affiliate link.

Hubopolis makes the whole process simple by connecting you with like-minded small businesses, who are as awesome as you are. We keep track of your referrals, sales and commissions. Oh, and we pay you too.

Best of all, becoming a Hubopolis Affiliate is completely free.

Earn Cash Back on Your Purchases

Our Marketplace features an ever expanding number of amazing adventures and experiences, and by signing up as a Hubopolis Affiliate you can earn HubCredits on every purchase you make. These credits may then be redeemed for cash, gift cards, or for purchases at our many rewards partners.

And, as a bonus for becoming an affiliate you will be rewarded simply by helping friends and family discover their next unforgettable moments, as you will also earn hubcredits for every booking made through your referral.

There are few things more rewarding than helping someone check something off their bucket list. Hubopolis gives you that extra reward.

Fundraising Made Easy

Whatever your fundraising needs, whether for your charitable organization, your community sports team, the local scout group, or a high school graduation, the challenge is always the same - the sheer amount of time and people involved to make it successful.

Enter Hubopolis. We make it as simple as giving you a unique web link that can be shared with your entire network, featuring all products in the Hubopolis Marketplace. For every booking that is made through that link, by anyone, anywhere, you will earn hubcredits that can be converted to cash for your fundraising needs.

Earning with Hubopolis is a piece of cake.
We make connecting with businesses quick and easy and track everything so you don't have to.
  • Join

    Sign up for an Affiliate account and fill in the required details to access your affiliate dashboard.
  • Promote

    Connect with experiences that excite you, share that excitement with the world, and use our affiliate links to track your earnings.
  • Earn

    Earn high-paying commissions when your affiliate link is used to make a purchase with participating businesses.

1. Create Your Account

It takes mere seconds to create your affiliate account with Hubopolis. Fill in the form, click the confirmation link in your email and you're set to go.

Once logged in to your dashboard you can customize your profile and preferences.

2. Connect With Suppliers

Visit the supplier marketplace to learn about available suppliers (businesses offering commissions on sales) and to request affiliation with them.

Businesses may choose to instantly approve requests, or they may want to view your profile first.

3. The Fun Part

Once your affiliation is approved you will see a unique affiliate link in your dashboard.

Use this link to purchase or promote the supplier's products and services. When a sale is made using your link, we'll track a percentage of the sale to you.

4. Tracking Sales

At the start of each month we will process sales completed in the previous month, and invoice the supplier for commissions.

As an example, if you purchase a tour in January, but schedule it for March, that sale will be processed in April.

5. The Exciting Part

Once we receive payment of commissions from our supplier partners, HubCredits will be immediately available in your account to use as you see fit.

6. Payouts & Purchases

HubCredits can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the balance of your account:

  • Purchase directly from Rewards Partners
  • Exchange for Amazon Gift Cards
  • Cash Payout with PayPal (3% fee)
  • eTransfer Cash Payout

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