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Our mission is to share our love of Pilates and Fitness and to challenge you to rethink what movement means to you. Our challenge is there to only help guide you, inspire you, motivate you and above all help you find enjoyment and confidence! “Everyone is the architect of their own happiness” Joseph Pilates.

Pilates is a low impact exercising regime that emphasizes core strengthening technics by targeting, now get this, your whole body ;). It focuses on slow precise movements while using your breath for control and mindfulness. Pilates has a stigma for some thinking it works the abs (your stomach muscle group). However, most people don’t seem to realize that the core is not just your abs, but your entire trunk; it is your hips, your inner and outer thighs, and your back. Working these areas, which in the Pilates world is considered your foundation, and becoming mindful of your body awareness will help propagate re-alignment and newfound strength and flexibility to the rest of your body.

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